exam2 - Name: _ UGAMyID: _ BCMB 3100 (Medlock) Fall 2005...

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Name: ______________________________ UGAMyID: _______________ BCMB 3100 (Medlock) Fall 2005 Exam 2 (120 points) 1. (20 points) (a) Draw the catalytic triad of chymotrypsin. Indicate hydrogen bonds with dashed lines. (b) Describe the role of each of the residues of the catalytic triad in the reaction catalyzed by chymotrypsin. (c) The aspartic acid at the bottom of the binding pocket of trypsin has been mutated to a lysine. How will this affect the reaction catalyzed by trypsin? 2. (10 points) (a) Draw an energy diagram for an enzyme catalyzed reaction that proceeds via two steps (1 intermediate) where step one is the rate determining step. (b) Describe why tight binding of the substrate to an enzyme is unfavorable, while tight binding of the transition state is favorable.
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Name: ______________________________ UGAMyID: _______________ 3. (10 points) (a) Describe metallozymes and activator ions. Give an example of a metal center found in a metalloenzyme and an example of an activator ion. (b) Describe cosubstrates and prosthetic groups. Give an example of each. 4. (15 points) (a) NAD+ participates in the following reaction: Given the reactive center of NAD+ (above right), draw the reduced form of the nicotinamide cofactor. (b)
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exam2 - Name: _ UGAMyID: _ BCMB 3100 (Medlock) Fall 2005...

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