1-24-08 Notes - o Polynesian Samoa Tonga Tahiti Polynesia o...

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“Working Sense” 1. Pre World War II a. Asian American communities i. Chinese America ii. Japanese America iii. Korean America iv. South Asian (Punjobi) v. Filipino (US National) America 2. Post World War II a. 1965 b. 1975-1980 3. Pacific Americans a. Polynesians b. Micronesian c. Macronesian d. “Commons” Asian Pacific American o Umbrella term o Proliferating, diversifying, multiplying o Term given in 1960s o A long standing, dynamic, ever changing, ethnic formation A pan-ethnic identity, community, position
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o Transnational Post World War II o 1965 Immigration reform (law) of 1965 passed Responded to 1924 law: Johnson Reed Act o Johnson Reed Act was very restrictive to southern Europeans in Poland, Italy, Greece o Had an exclusion to Asian immigration o Sometimes called Japanese Bill b/c turned down Japanese o 1975-1980 Collapse of regime supported by US caused huge movement Southeast Asians o Micronesian Saipan, Carolina, Guam, Mariana Islands, Pal an
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Unformatted text preview: o Polynesian Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti, Polynesia o Malenesian Fiji, Papen, Solomon Islands o Sense of shared across o “Commons” Common area where those people share something, maybe experience • Anecdote o Somebody’s personal experience that may happen to myself or someone I know • Pyschopathology of everyday Asian American Life o Within the institutional setting o Not “Freudian” slips but maybe “cultural” slips o E.g. people always drop “American” out of “Asian American studies” • Contemporary Asian Pacific America o Quantitative Population doubled from 1980 – 1990 Will double again by 2010 1990- 2.9% of US population 1997- ~4% of US population o Qualitative Asian Americans were noticeable but dominant by society Unavoidable Asian Americans...
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1-24-08 Notes - o Polynesian Samoa Tonga Tahiti Polynesia o...

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