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1-31-08 Notes - "Patterns of Settlement and...

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“Patterns of Settlement and Movements” The New York Scene Early “East of California” Ko Lee Chee and Advocacy Diversity of Early Presences Explanations for Migrations Four Theories o “Pioneering Spirit” o Diaspora and Diasporics o Push-pull o International labor migration Flows and System The New York Scene/ “Early East of California” No man had a full Chinese name, and no man with a full Chinese name got married 5 of 13 whose English rendered first and full last names were married 6 of 13 men had an Anglicized name (e.g. William, John) o Did they change their names after they got married or before? o Did it make it easier for them to marry? the domestic sense of settling down in Lower Manhattan gives a sense of identity Chinese people first settled in the East Coast in the 1840s before the West Coast settlement Conflict in work place
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Ko Lee Chee- advocate for Chinese sailor’s rights o Was a boarding house operator o Sailors used to have little rights, was a hard job o Lived in 62 Cherry Street. o
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1-31-08 Notes - "Patterns of Settlement and...

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