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2-5-08 Notes - "The System and The Switch Key Concepts...

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“The System and The Switch” Key Concepts Labor Migration Flows o “Being Put in motion” A Structure to / of immigration Good News/Bad News “Coolie” o Kuli o Misnomer Key Time 1830s-1840s British o July 31 st 1834 o 776,000 “Robust” explanation o A full explanation Labor Migration Flows o A structure of immigration o We’re interested in how and when it happened o An intersection/ interaction o 19 th century capitalism and 19 th century imperialism (British, European, American) o Capitalism
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As an economic and social force that caused change Capitalism needed a constant change: “creative destruction”- set people in motion “being put in motion” People moved from rural areas to urban areas People moved from waged worker to unskilled worker (needed workers so badly that…) o Occurred in China before the transpacific migration to US Agriculture transformed from subsistence crops to cash crops In Southern China Also in India Increasing separation of peasants from land
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