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AOS 100 Homework #1 1. Kinetic energy is defined as a measure of an object’s ability to do work in motion. The formula to calculate kinetic energy is KE= (1/2) x Mass x Velocity 2 . There is a big difference between wind in speeds of 18ms -1 and 25ms -1 because when calculating kinetic energy, the speeds are squared. So, if the mass of an object stays constant, the net difference in kinetic energy with different wind speeds will be 25 2 -18 2 = 301units of kinetic energy. 2. (a) The temperature of the air inside the balloon should decrease after the balloon is placed in the freezer. (b) The temperature of a substance is a measure of the average kinetic energy of the molecules that compose that substance. When temperature is low, the molecules of the substance will move considerably slow. Since the temperature in this case decreases, molecules are also moving slower.
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Unformatted text preview: (c) The force each molecule imparts on the inside of the balloon is proportional to the speed of each is moving, or the temperature. So, because the temperature has decreased, the force is also comparatively smaller after placing the balloon to the freezer. (d) Since the pressure is the same after the balloon is placed in the freezer, the area of the balloon has to decrease proportional to force by the formula: Pressure= Total Force/Area. 3. Because of photosynthesis, huge amount of O 2 was produced. The only source of oxygen in our atmosphere’s history comes from photosynthesis. Since there was too much O 2 in the atmosphere, ozone (O 3 ) has formed. O and O 2 react to form O 3 to absorb ultraviolet radiation. Since then, life was not required to remain in the oceans and started to colonize dry land....
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