3-27-08 Notes - “The Missing Bridge of...

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Unformatted text preview: “The Missing Bridge of Transnationalism” Key Concepts • No longer splendid isolation • Always seeking connections • The remittance economy o Similar situations o Family o Women’s “role” • Domestic economies • Unpaid home work • Subsistence agriculture • Not bachelors but bridged • Broken No Longer Splendid Isolation • If we try to see what was not immediately visible, Asian men in America were not solitary figures; they were intimately connected to women in Asia • Intricate, dynamic pattern of return visits to China, efforts to bring wives to the US, to fight against laws that prohibit bringing wives to the US; wrote letters, constant communication Always seeking connections • Chinese were willing to work for low wages • Their digestive system became adaptable to garbage, so they could work on low wages • US senator John Miller, “Those men could grow fat on less than half the food required by Anglo-Saxon” • Porridge, bloaters, macaroni • Socioeconomic explanation of how transnationalism worked •...
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3-27-08 Notes - “The Missing Bridge of...

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