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4-1-08 Notes - Continental and transnational o State and...

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“The Exclusion System” Key Concepts Exclusion as a regime or system Long System- 61 years- 1882-1943 A System of Laws and Governance All branches Continental and transnational Major Chinese Exclusion Laws o May of 1882, 1892, 1902, 1904 o 1882 to 1913 total of 15 laws/acts against Chinese immigration o Two treaties between the US and China- 1868 and 1890 Inalienable right of people to change their identities o 1880 Angell Treaty- made Chinese exclusion possible- the Congress has the right to suspend Chinese labor migration to the US o 1889, 1893 two US Supreme Court decisions A system of laws and governance- 61 years o Administration of Chinese exclusion had ripple effects
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Unformatted text preview: Continental and transnational o State and local law-making o Re-entry rights o Control points From Seattle to San Francisco to San Diego to Florida (control Chinese in the Caribbean) to New York (Ellis Island) to Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis Also at Hawaii, Montreal, Puerto Rico (San Juan) • 1943 Repeal Chinese Exclusion o US involvement in WWII Dec, 1941-o Wartime gesture- combat Japanese propaganda To show that US wasn’t discriminating Chinese while China vs. Japan Dec 1943, President FDR said the Chinese Exclusion was a mistake • Chinese exclusion was a model to European restrictions on migration...
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