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Political Science 147C Prof. Scott C. James Am Pol Develop: The American Regulatory State DAVID VOGEL’S NATIONAL STYLES OF REGULATION THE BRITISH STYLE OF REGULATION CONSIDERED FROM SEVERAL DIMENSIONS: I. Autonomy/Insulation 1. From Parliament/Ministers 2. From citizen groups II. Informal/Flexible Rule Making (Standards) 1. Best practicable means a. Local circumstances/conditions b. state of technical knowledge c. costs of compliance III. Decentralization of Decision Making 1. Defuses political conflict
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Unformatted text preview: IV. Case-by-Case Policy Making 1. Consultation, close relationship between business/industry 2. Magnitude of problem/capacity to pay (water pollution) (variation) 3. Competitive advantage (air pollution) (more uniform) V. Voluntary Compliance 1. Self-regulation a. Industrial trade associations monitor firms for compliance 2. Small penalties for noncompliance a. Penalties look bad for regulators b. Persuasion (social responsibilities of business community)...
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