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Political Science 147C Professor Scott C. James Study Guide for Midterm Exam American Political Development: Institutional Development The American Regulatory State I. Short Essay Identifications Guidelines: For the midterm, EITHER five of the eleven IDs listed below OR two IDs and an essay question will be selected. You should allow yourself roughly 15 minutes per ID. That is not much time, so be focused and succinct. Indeed, your ability to reduce information to essentials will be a critical component of this part of the exam. Your score on each ID will be based on how well you 1) define/explain the main ideas, 2) elaborate them, using examples where appropriate, and 3) situate them within the important themes of the course. To receive full credit each of these aspects of the ID must be addressed. Herbert Hoover s Associational Vision (Lecture) Commerce Department’s Division of Simplified Practices/ FTC's Trade Practice Division (Lecture and Eisner) Combinations in Restraint of Trade at Common Law (Lecture and James reading)
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