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POLITICAL SCIENCE 147C American Political Development: Institutional Development The American Regulatory State Winter Quarter 2008 Instructor: Scott C. James Office: 3343 Bunche Hall Telephone: 825-4442 (my office), 825-4331 (Political Science Department) Office Hours: Wednesdays, 9-11am, and by appointment. Course Website: Final Exam: Thursday, March 20, 11:30am-2:30pm Deregulation, regulatory relief, the devolution of regulatory authority back to the states— these remain contested topics in contemporary American regulatory politics. While, in recent years, 9/11, the war on terror, and Iraq have pushed most other issues to the periphery of American political discourse, both political parties continue to give lip service to these ideas (especially the Republican Party and the moderate DLC wing of the Democratic Party). As such, the possibility remains that a distinctive regulatory regime might take shape sometime in the future. Such regime change would institutionalize parts of the so-called “Reagan revolution" of the 1980s, a set of policies (e.g., business revitalization), ideas (e.g., concepts drawn from neoclassical economics), and values (e.g., reliance on the market, efficiency, individual autonomy) directed toward a substantial reordering of state-economy relations. What are the goals toward which regulation is directed? An easy question on first thought, it grows more difficult and contentious upon reflection. Indeed, pose the question to different individuals (and sometimes to the same individual) and you are likely to get different and conflicting responses: to discipline greedy corporate capitalists; to secure the rightful place of small business in the American economy; to protect consumers; to safeguard the workplace;
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syllabus147c - POLITICAL SCIENCE 147C American Political...

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