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Lecture 5 pt 2 - where the powers would be competing with...

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Cold War Realist Orthodox Revisionist 1. FDR’s grand design- to prevent a cold war Why did it fail, was it because of stalin, the fact that FDR died before he could fulfill his plans FDR’s goal for the post war world was a great power concert- wanted the great powers to cooperate with one another after WWII. Wanted to recreate the Concert of Europe, as it had maintained peace from 1815- WWI. FDR did not want a balance of power system,
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Unformatted text preview: where the powers would be competing with one another. • Had to make the powers satisfied with the post war world, so that they would be more willing to support the post war world. Meant to be satisfied with the territories. • Meant that you have to accept soviet territorial objectives. Roosevelt knew that the soviets could get what the y wanted. He hoped that they could make decisions multilaterally DO the READING- wtf...
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