Lecture 6 ps 120 A

Lecture 6 ps 120 A - FDR's Grand Design 1. Interpretations...

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FDR’s Grand Design 1. Interpretations of cold war 2. FDR’s world view A. Great Power Concert B. Satisfied Powers C. Four Policemen- U.S Britain China and Soviet Union. Cooperate to preserve the peace after ww2. Each power responsible for a sphere of influence. Sphere of influence is a group of weak countries under the leadership of a great power in the region. The great power influences the foreign policy of the region. US sphere is Latin America. China Russia and US responsible for Asia. US Britain and Russia for Europe. Why did FDR include these others for the European sphere? His fear of isolationism. In order to maintain the peace they would use economic sanctions and air power. Prevent crises from arising in the first place through collective decision making. FDR thought that they should start by meeting together in the War to decide the many important issues of WW2. D. Membership 1. China- Chosen because China was not yet a great power. China was in the middle of a civil war, but Roosevelt believed that chinas population would make it a great power. In addition, FDR thought China would balance off both Britain and the USSR. China would support US against Britain on issue of Colonialism. In addition, China could balance off Russia in the far east. 2.
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Lecture 6 ps 120 A - FDR's Grand Design 1. Interpretations...

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