Lecture 8 120A

Lecture 8 120A - Containment 1 Turkish Straits Crisis...

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Containment 1. Turkish Straits Crisis August 1946 A. Soviet note - Wanted a base on the Turkish straits - New regime - Regime would give soviets control over which ships could go in or out of the straits B. U.S. Response - We should have a regulation where the U.S. is involved - Let the soviets know that we wanted Turkey to be primarily in control of the straits= no soviet base - Regime was concern for the U.S - Example of a non event C. Significance - if the us let them control turkey, they would spread to the whole eastern world. - Acheson said this - Truman said he was prepared to follow the policy to the end - Made the us more suspicious of the USSR - Example of actor observer difference: for USSR it was asking for no more than what the US had w/ the panama canal. The US assumed that the soviet demands were expansionist. Also an event of a non event bias- when the soviets backed down, this should have signaled weakness to the US. 2. Truman Doctrine, March 1947 A. Greek Civil war B. British Notes - 2 notes on Feb. 21, Greece and Turkey were under british sphere of influence, but because of their own financial problems they could not continue to give aid to these countries. In addition, they were planning to withdraw 40,000 troops from turkey. Asked U.S. to take over responsibility for turkey and Greece. - Seen as a symbol of the end of the British empire
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C. Balance of power concerns - British were pulling out of other areas of their empire as well - Worried the state dept, possibility of a power vacuum that could be filled by the USSR - No evidence that the soviets were supporting the communists in Greece, but did know that Albania and Yugoslavia were giving, which were countries under the soviet sphere of influence - Decided to give US aid to both Greece and Turkey
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Lecture 8 120A - Containment 1 Turkish Straits Crisis...

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