Lecture 7 120A

Lecture 7 120A - Lecture 7 120A Getting tough with Russia...

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Lecture 7 120A Getting tough with Russia 1. Truman takes over A. Lack of preparation FDR died of a stroke, so Truman had to take over Didn’t know anything about foreign policy Admission of insecurity to the press B. Insecurity Truman didn’t know what roosevelt’s foreign policy was FDR never explained his grand design to Truman C. Keeping agreements Didn’t know about agreements with Stalin about agreements in Tehran and Yalta No idea about the soviet spheres of influence in eastern Europe Truman made mistakes in his first months in office Took FDRs rhetoric at face value, thinking soviet had agreed to democracy D. Breakdown of Yalta State dept told him that all the agreements had broken down from yalta Vague and ambiguous, so prone to breaking down Molotov insisted the soviets should have a veto for anyone who ran for polish govt E. Harriman urges get tough The ambassador to Moscow Met with Truman to advise him on policy toward the soviet union Said soviets were hard to deal with on wartime issues Felt they viewed us aid to Russia as weakness Faced with a barbarian invasion of Europe
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Listen to the recording for the argument between Molotov and Truman…got distracted…. . around 16 mins into the recording U.S was asserting its own way on Poland and demanded that the soviets accept it F. Truman’s Tough Talk G. Economic Pressure lend lease FDR says like lending a garden hose to keep his fire from spreading to our roof Only to be used for the war, not reconstruction after the war This is why Truman cut back lend lease Soviets had promised to enter war w/ japan, and stalin had been counting on lend lease aid Ships turned around mid ocean, ex of poor handling of ending lend lease Truman did nothing about the loan application that the soviets had submitted State dept said they lost the application
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Lecture 7 120A - Lecture 7 120A Getting tough with Russia...

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