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Lecture 11 - Lecture 11 120A The new look 1 Eisenhower a...

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Lecture 11- 120A The new look 1. Eisenhower a. Background b. Leadership style i. Delegation 1. John foster Dullas a. Had been in training for sec of state whole life b. International lawyer c. Liked by few, moralistic dower, ii. Hidden hand presidency 1. 2. New Look NSC 162/2 a. Scope- Europe first i. Kept truman’s emphasis for containment policy ii. Settled for a stalemate in Korea b. Means i. Defense cuts 1. Felt Truman’s budget had gotten out of control, too much defense spending 2. Reduce size of ground army by 1/3 a. Reversal of NSC 68 ii. Nuclear weapons iii. Government action 1. CIA cheaper than fighting countries in a war, so covert operations the best choice to save money 2. Allen Dullas, put in charge of CIA c. Massive Retaliation Jan, 1954
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i. In speech dullas said to save money, the U.S. would rely on the deterrence of massive retaliatory power d. Criticisms of the new look i. Credibility, his threats to fight w whatever he wanted to wherever was legitimate 1. Use of nukes against a country w/o nukes?
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