Lecture 13 PS 120A

Lecture 13 PS 120A - Lecture 13 PS 120A The 1961 Berlin...

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Lecture 13 PS 120A The 1961 Berlin Crisis 1. Vienna Summit June 3-4, 1961 a. Get Acquainted w/ Khrushchev i. Khrushchev came to bully kennedy, not receptive to kennedy’s overtures b. Berlin Ultimatum i. Surprised kennedy with it, renewing his threats against berlin 1. Said w. Germany and E. Germany should have a peace treaty w/in 6 months 2. If they could not agree, then Khrushchev would sign a separate peace w only E. German 3. Once a peace treaty was signed, the occupation of berlin by allies would be null and void 4. E. Germany would now control access to Berlin 5. c. Khrushchev’s motives i. Wanted to understand what the U.S. would fight for ii. Kennedy said that the US would not object if they signed the peace treaty, but any interference with US rights in west berlin would be rights for war. iii. Khrushchev says its up to US whether war or peace over Berlin, putting kennedy in control of war over access rights iv. Kennedy greatly shaken by Khrushchev ideological fervor v. 2. Berlin Crisis 1961 a. JFK’s Advisors Divided i. Hardliners believed that they could make the US look weak in front of its allies 1. Wanted to increase military readiness ii. Acheson said that more than the us position was at stake 1. Needed to make the soviets afraid of nuclear war
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2. If the access routes were turned over then they should start another airlift
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Lecture 13 PS 120A - Lecture 13 PS 120A The 1961 Berlin...

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