Lecture 15 PS 120A

Lecture 15 PS 120A - Lecture 15 PS 120A Escalation of...

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Lecture 15 PS 120A Escalation of Vietnam War 1. Johnson’s Gradual Escalation 1964 a. Johnson takes over b. Gulf of Tonkin Incident- August 1964 i. Maddox had been involved in electronic espionage 1. N. Vietnamese attacked because of the S> Vietnamese raid on them the day before 2. Johnson did not tell the American Public the true nature of the events ii. Johnson did not deny the second attack that never occurred iii. Key example of govt lying, begin of decline in govt among public c. Significance i. Gave Johnson blank check to go to war ii. First bombing of vietnam d. Election Campaign November 1964 i. Goldwater called for tougher policy against Vietnam ii. Johnson tried to pretend to be a peace advocator iii. Meanwhile, his advisors were preparing options for him to get deeper into Vietnam iv. LBJ wins election in a landslide, could have used that opportunity to get out of Vietnam e. Policy Review November 1964 i. Asked his advisors to give him all the options for Vietnam
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ii. Came up with 3 option 1. Continue present policies indefinitely- stringent pacification program, improve s. viet police, but no US ground troops, bomb Ho chi minh trail 2. The fast Squeeze: rapid heavy bombing of N. Vietnam 3. The slow squeeze: gradual escalation designed to make the N. Viets say uncle- first bomb infiltration routes from N to S, eventually bombing N. viet. iii. Options were designed to favor option C- the slow squeeze iv. There was no option for withdrawal or negotiations- good example of how bureaucratic government can limit a president’s options f. Johnson’s decision
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Lecture 15 PS 120A - Lecture 15 PS 120A Escalation of...

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