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Lecture 18 ps 120A - Lecture 18 ps 120A 1 Section 8 Failure...

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Lecture 18 ps 120A 1. Section 8: Failure of Détente a. 1973 Arab- Israeli War i. Us blamed the soviets for not informing the US in advance b. Conservative Opposition i. Thought soviets were taking advantage of the US c. Liberal Opposition i. Argued that Kissinger and Nixon were ignoring human rights issues 1. Idea of Realpolitik d. Jackson- Vanik Amendment 1975 i. Liberals and conservatives came together in this ii. Based on idea that soviets were not letting Jews emigrate iii. Sponsored by Jackson and vanik iv. Amendment denied the soviets certain trading unless they allowed public emigration of jews 1. Linked soviet rights to détente 2. Practicing a form of linkage- domestic policies to economics v. Ford signed it into law because he needed congresses authority to cut tariffs e. Soviet Reaction i. Fewer jews allowed to emigrate ii. The amendment had cut the ground under the détente agreement, soviets now not going to get the increased trade promised under detente
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f. Soviet intervention in Third world i. After his stroke, the military became increasingly powerful. .go to angola, Ethiopia and Yemen ii. The invasion of Afghanistan brought an end to Détente and helped Ronald Reagan get elected iii. Many scared about the invasions of USSR, felt that they were breaking the basic principles agreement iv. All the policies and problems boiled down to a question of legitimacy 2. Vietnam Peace Agreement a. War had continued till 1973- additional 20,000 troops died b. Nixon- Kissinger Peace plan i. Objective- peace with honor. Nixon wanted this, meaning that the US would not lose credibility. Wanted to preserve S. Vietnam’s independence ii. Kissinger privately said that he would be satisfied if S. Vietnam
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Lecture 18 ps 120A - Lecture 18 ps 120A 1 Section 8 Failure...

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