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STUDY QUESTIONS 1. How does public opinion affect foreign policy? Is public opinion permissive or constraining? Does the U.S. public support the use of force? Under what conditions? 2. What roles does the constitution give to Congress in the making of foreign policy? Are these significant powers? What are the limits of congressional influence? Why does Congress generally go along with the president in using force? 3. Why does the president have to bargain with bureaucrats to achieve his goals? What are bureaucratic interests? How does bureaucratic politics affect the quality of U.S. foreign policy? 4. What factors affect the president’s choice of an advisory system? What are the principal types of systems? Give examples. What should the president consider in designing a system? 5. How do people respond to information that is inconsistent with their beliefs? How does cognitive dissonance affect foreign policy? According to cognitive dissonance theory, when do foreign policymakers change their beliefs? 6.
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