question 2 final 120a

question 2 final 120a - Korean War 1 Why was Korea divided...

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Korean War 1. Why was Korea divided? a. Occupation arrangements 1945-47 b. Diplomatic Stalemate i. Kim il sung c. Establishment of north and south Korea i. Syngman rhee may 1948 d. Withdrawal of U.S. troops i. 1949 ii. Felt there was overextension and little significance for Korea iii. Soviets had already withdrawn their troops iv. Press Club speech where Acheson left out Korea in the parameters 2. Origins of War a. Kim’s request i. Asked for permission to invade from Stalin 32 times ii. Stalin finally gives permission iii. Believed that the invasion would be quick 3. Korean War a. North Korean attack i. June 25 1950 b. UN action i. Used un because they had been involved in creation of S. Korea ii. Good way to show UN power
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iii. Able to do this because soviets were boycotting the UN 1. The issue of the soviet veto c. Blair House i. June 25-met to agree that the us had to draw the line against aggression 1. Ordered fleet to be placed between Taiwan and Chinese mainland ii. June 26- hard to justify s.korea if we let Taiwan fall iii. iv. June 27- got UN to provide help
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question 2 final 120a - Korean War 1 Why was Korea divided...

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