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Question 4 final 120A - Question 4 final 120A Gelb and...

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Gelb and Betts How can Gelb and Betts argue that the policy in Vietnam failed, but the “system worked?” - Gelb and Betts realize that the foreign policy failed, but the domestic decision making system worked. o Worked in that The core consensual goal of postwar foreign policy, the containment of communism, was pursued consistently Differences of both elite and mass opinion were accommodated by compromise Virtually all views and recommendations were considered and decisions were made without illusions about success In what sense do they believe that the U.S. decision making system “worked?” The commitment was made and maintained for 25 years o This was what the system was designed to do o At each juncture the governmental debate centered on how to contain communism in vietnam o Were only willing to pay enough to contain communism, not win System facilitated decision making on ways to keep the costs of commitment as low as possible What should a decision-making system do? A decision making system essentially needs to find a means to a given end. IT should produce a policy responsive more to the majority and the center than to the minority or the extremes. This system supported the general policy of worldwide containment with specific ideas and programs for the containment in Vietnam Why was each president from Eisenhower through Nixon unwilling to lose South Vietnam? Eisenhower o Trapped by his cross purposes of his approach to a global strategy New Look was isolationist in the means and application of its global strategy Eisenhower wanted Europe and asia as allies for American security, but could not intervene on their part for deterrence due to an unwillingness to spend money on conventional arms, thus relying on massive retaliation for deterrence o Eisenhower said that the loss of s. Vietnam would set in motion a crumbling process that could have grave consequences for freedom and the US, playing on the domino theory idea Kennedy 1. Kennedy’s Limited Commitment to Vietnam i. Increased advisors to Vietnam and supported a Coup against Diem a. Kennedy’s concerns i. National wars of liberation a. Gureilla movements in Africa and asia would overthrow their colonizers. Worried kennedy because the USSR said they would support them
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Question 4 final 120A - Question 4 final 120A Gelb and...

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