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Question 6 Final 120A

Question 6 Final 120A - 1 Bay of Pigs April 1961 a...

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1. Bay of Pigs April 1961 a. Background i. Initially, cuba was a us businessmans playground ii. US controlled most of country iii. Castro took over in 1959 1. US had purchased 50% of sugar at subsidized prices 2. Initially Fidel was not a Communist, but Raul and Che were 3. Pushed Fidel to move closer to Soviet Union iv. Ask Soviets to buy arms, Khrushchev said yes, stalin never would have said yes v. Cuba became soviet ally in 1960, Castro called for spreading revolution throughout Latin America b. Kennedy picks up the torch i. Finds out about CIA operation, Eisenhower tells him to see it through ii. Plan was to invade cuba with 1500 cuban exiles c. Joint Chiefs Advice i. Felt they neded uprisings against Castro, and there was no evidence that this would happen ii. Buried their reservations in a long report, and in the executive summary, they miscommunicated to president, Kennedy misread it d. Meetings in White House i. Disposal Problems of the Cubans e. Move to the Bay of Pigs i. So that US wouldn’t get blamed, moved from Trinidad to Bay of Pigs ii. Thought even if plan failed, the gureillas could flee to the mountains 1. Plan was flawed, no one told kennedy about how far away the mountains were f. Events on 1961 i. Everything goes wrong, listen to the recording starting 1 hour in
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ii. Invasion was a fiasco and Kennedy accepted the blame g. Errors i.
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