Question 8 final 120A - Copy

Question 8 final 120A - Copy - Reagan and Gorbachev Reagan...

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Reagan and Gorbachev Reagan And Gorbachev 1. Reagan’s goals and beliefs a. Promote democracy and freedom i. Believed that communism was evil, against human nature and god ii. Called USSr an evil empire iii. Also believed the USSR could reform their system and become democratic b. Need for Military strength i. Believed we had fallen behind in the arms race ii. Major increases in defense budget, but at the same time believed that arms reductions were possible by utilizing their strength to force reductions c. Arms Reductions i. Reagan hated Nukes, wanted to remove all nukes from play ii. Reagan hated arms control and Deterrance…felt it was like having two cowboys pointing their guns at each other iii. Reagan wanted strategic arms reduction talks d. Reciprocity i. Believed that the soviets had taken advantage of Détente ii. Soviets should reciprocate by being cooperative and non belligerent iii. Wanted them to pull out of the third world 2. Reagan’s Anti Communist policy a. increased defense budget through military buildup i. increase 10% ii. installed new missiles pointed at USSR- Pershing II’s and GLCMs 1. intended to balance off soviet missiles b. Harsh Rhetoric i. The calling of USSR an Evil Empire
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c. Strategic defense initiative i. Idea was that the US would build an anti missile shield in space to protect from nuclear attack 1. But they had signed the ABM treaty so how was this possible a. Laser guided weapons in space might be able to shoot down missiles
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Question 8 final 120A - Copy - Reagan and Gorbachev Reagan...

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