07112007 - SOC 341 July 11, 2007 Custom and Practice in...

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SOC 341 July 11, 2007 Custom and Practice in Middle Ages o Children were not given special treatment o Children were like little adults o Limited contact between parents and children with strict discipline o Changes in family structure The Nuclear Family (2 parents, heterosexual) Emotion in family Still harsh punishment, but greater emotional attachment Education; grammar and boarding school Enlightenment; humanistic ideals from philosophers Distinct group with needs and restrictions o Originally no such thing as childhood Development of Concern for Children o Poor laws Passed in 1535 in England Overseers for neglected or poor delinquent children as servers to train for trade or service Passed in 1601 Put them in work and poor houses or apprenticed to a master o The apprenticeship movement Voluntary by parents Forced by law until 21 o Chancery Court Property rights – what about orphans? Parens patriae “the power of the state to act on behalf of the child and provide care and protection equivalent to the parent.
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SOC 341 July 11, 2007 Childhood in America o Children immigrated as indentured servants o Colonists also with delinquent children o Poor law similar to England o Eventually, apprenticeship evolved into the factory system Controlling Children o In early times, whipping was common and violence was the norm o “Any punishment that fell short of maiming or permanently harming a child was considered within sphere of parental rights.” Legal Process o Until 1900s, no legal distinction between adult and juvenile offenders existed, though age was still considered in legal proceedings. o Lobby group known as Child Savers created juvenile court. o Term “delinquent” began being used in 1900s with the creation of the juvenile court. o
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07112007 - SOC 341 July 11, 2007 Custom and Practice in...

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