07242007 - SOC 341 July 24, 2007 Gender Differences o...

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SOC 341 July 24, 2007 Gender Differences o Critical Feminist Views Liberal Feminist Rules changed, not women’ Critical/Marxist feminist Women are seen as objects and controlled in a patriarchal system Women don’t commit crime because they are powerless o When it does, its response to exploitation by men and their sexual victimization Power-control theory – “holds that gender differences in the delinquency rate are a function of class differences and economic conditions that influence the structure of family life” Video Clip (Runaways) Family and Delinquency o Family life and relationships are important for predicting delinquency o Families provide opportunities for children to learn either pro- or antisocial behavior o The Nuclear Family Extended families used to be more common “a family unit composed of parents and their children; this smaller family structure is subject to great stress due to the intense, close contact between parents and children” Race-specific? Nuclear family breaking down (child-care provided outside home) o Family Makeup The percentage of children living with both parents has significantly decreased 37% of African-American and 74% of white children live with two parents
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SOC 341 July 24, 2007 40% of white children and 75% of African-American children will have parents who separate before they are 16 1/3 of all births are to women who are not married o Economic Stress 17% of children live below poverty level; 7% in extreme poverty o Four sources of family dysfunction related to delinquency Spousal conflict/separation Kids whose parents have a secure marriage are more likely to be secure whereas those from a “broken home” are more likely to be antisocial
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07242007 - SOC 341 July 24, 2007 Gender Differences o...

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