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07312007 - SOC 341 Development of Juvenile Institutions o...

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SOC 341 July 31, 2007 Development of Juvenile Institutions o Child savers influenced the government to create reform schools to care for delinquent/vagrant youth Received state-funding Children worked in the schools Racially segregated, sex segregated, harsh discipline o Children’s Aid Society: “Child-saving organization that took children from the streets of large cities and placed them with farm families on the prairie” Majority of youth benefited but some were harmed/exploited o Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (SPCC) Established in 1874, these organizations protected children subjected to cruelty and neglect at home or school Leaders/organizers feared that abused boys would become criminals and abused girls would be sexually promiscuous Also protected children who were neglected Leaders lobbied congress to pass legislation to protect children form parents who neglected them and didn’t meet their basic needs or who made them beg or work around liquor Statutes were created that punished such parents and that made provisions for removing children from destructive environments A Century of Juvenile Justice o Questions of due process arose The poor weren’t getting due process; neither were noncriminal delinquents
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SOC 341 July 31, 2007 o This along with increasing delinquency rates, institutional deficiencies, and inadequate treatment by private organizations all bolstered the argument that there should be a juvenile court o The Illinois Juvenile Court Act and Its Legacy Passed in 1899—culmination of child-saving movement Motivated by following (wanted what was best) “Children should not be held as accountable as adult transgressors” Treat and rehabilitate rather than punish Impact of law Differentiated between delinquent and neglected children o Delinquent: someone under age sixteen who has violated the law Provisions of legislation Separate court Special procedures After this was passed, similar legislation passed throughout the country
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