Chem 2 Lab 1 - What's My Name? CHEM 113 PURPOSE The purpose...

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What’s My Name? CHEM 113
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PURPOSE The purpose of this experiment is to understand the reactivity of several substances that will later help identify unknown reagents. The mixing of two reagent solutions will be done systematically and any reactions will be noted. The color of precipitates, color changes, and odors will help identify the formation of complexions/soluble compounds, acid-base reactions, and potential oxidation reactions. Then the unknown reagents will be mixed with the known reagents and the resulting properties will help to identify the unknowns. PROCEDURES A matrix will be created with the various solutions used. Mixing of these two solutions will be done by placing one drop of each of the solutions with a medicine dropper. The physical changes of these reactions will be recorded. Then a new matrix is created and the same procedures are repeated and compared with the original matrix to identify the unknown reagents. All substances will be obtained from pre-prepared supplies. For more information please refer to “What’s My Name,
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Chem 2 Lab 1 - What's My Name? CHEM 113 PURPOSE The purpose...

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