Clas 104 24 - 24 Phaeacians Alcinous and Arete- means she...

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24 Phaeacians • Alcinous and Arete- means she who is prayed to. • Genealogy of the Phaeacians- From the blood of Ouranos- Media’s brother has been killed of and the Colcians still want them. King Alcinoous has to make a choice of if he should send her back to her father or let her travel along with the argonots. • Decision of Alcinous • The Cave (Nymphs and Kuretes attend)- they have their wedding in the cave and the Nymphs and the Kuretes both attend. The wedding happened really quickly (Jason and Media were the ones who got married). Argo in Libya • Three indigenous goddesses in goatskin- The argonots were swept into North Africa and they could not get back out because of the winds and the tied. So they lay on the beach and cry themselves to sleep. 3 guys that are covered in goat skin show up in his dream and give him a strange oracle: • Oracle: Whenever Amphitrite loosens the chariot of Poseidon, give recompense to your mother for carrying you in her belly- the mother is the argo. They pay her pay her back by carrying her through the desert. • Horse dashes from the wave, Peleus interprets • Herakles; Hesperides tell Argonauts about stream- Hesperides (means nymphs of the west), they can not catch him because he is too far away. • Second tripod for the native gods- still have trouble launching the ship. They came up with the idea of dedicating the second tripod to god. • Epiphany of Triton; a clod of earth for Euphemos- he says thank you for the
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Clas 104 24 - 24 Phaeacians Alcinous and Arete- means she...

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