Clas 104 22 - 22 Almost at Colchis (Aia) Amazons- offspring...

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22 Almost at Colchis (Aia) • Amazons- offspring of Ares and nymph Harmonia- offspring of Ares and Harmonia (which makes sense because they are very into war) they sacrifice horses. • Cultural inversions: Chalybes, Tibareni, Mossynoeci- they do things that the Greeks do not do and they seem odd to them, they are cultural inversions. The Chalybes have a lot of very rich land and they are not doing anything with it. They are going underneath the land and living under it. They are mining for iron. It is ironic though that they have fertile land and are not using it and are mining under it. The Tibareni are odd. When a women is pragnent her husband falls down and starts feeling labor pains and his wife has to take care of him and while this is happening the baby falls out. The mossynoeci do all their private things in public and all their public things in private. • Island of Ares- Dangerous birds- They get to the island of ares and they are not sure why they are supposed to be there. There are a lot of birds on the island. The birds have sharp feathers and they shake them and they drop on the argonots. They hold their shields up so their feathers can not get to them. • Sons of Phrixus join the fleet- Phrixus flew on a magic ram and gave the ram to the king and he sacrifices it. • Story of Cheiron, child of Kronos and Philyra- ist not what Jason does, but it is
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Clas 104 22 - 22 Almost at Colchis (Aia) Amazons- offspring...

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