Full chemical pulp produced by chemical methods only

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Unformatted text preview: pulp: produced by chemical methods only; yield about 50%, lignin content 3-5 % 11 Chemical Nomenclature Kappa number: consumption of 0.1 N KmnO4 in milliliters consumed by one gram of pulp in 0.1 N sulfuric acid (H2SO4) used to monitor the degree of delignification of chemical pulps after pulping and between bleaching stages Klason lignin, acid soluble lignin: gravimetric, direct method; KL- residue after total acid hydrolysis of carbohydrates portion of wood/pulp. Acid soluble lignin can be estimated spectrophotometrically (UV region) For hardwood pulps: Klason lignin, % = 0.15 x Kappa number 12...
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