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Lecture Notes 01242008

Lecture Notes 01242008 - SOC 342 Don't forget to use the...

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SOC 342 January 24, 2008 Don’t forget to use the website to practice for tests! Eugenics Review o Anti-miscegenation – illegalizing interracial reproduction o 1970s sterilization o More than 20,000 sterilized in California between 1960 and 1972 o Late 1930s Ernest Hooten study – criminals have physical characteristics that are more like apes than modern humans Robert K. Merton – argued Hooten study. No fixed biological traits. The American Dream causes criminality. Strain Theories o Robert K. Merton and the American Dream All members of American society share an overriding goal: economic success Not all members of society have equal means for obtaining economic success Anomie is caused not only by rapid social change or the breakdown between values and opportunities Crime is one adaptation to that incongruity o Emille Durkheim and Anomie Anomie - the breakdown of social order as a result of the loss of standards and values, normlessness
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