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Nikki Cook Bio Lab 181 Section 18 Fermentation and Glycolysis Lab 1. Abstract It is stated through the process of fermentation that C6H12O6(glucose) + ADP + Pi ATP + CO2 + CHCH2OH(ethanol) without the presence of oxygen. In the experiment it is the objective to prove this equation through a series of three experiments. 2. Introduction Although we can’t test for ATP or ADP, the importance of this experiment is to prove that fermentation creates energy by breaking down Glucose, ADP, and phosphate and creating carbon dioxide and ethanol. It was found that through experimentation, carbon dioxide and ethanol are produced from glucose. 3. Materials and Methods a. The first experiment we had a glucose and yeast solution which we allowed to ferment, and then we tested for Carbon dioxide by venting the gas into a Barium hydroxide solution, which turned white indicating the presence of carbon dioxide. b.
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