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The Surfboard - as the idea that all surfers are drug...

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The Surfboard: Artifact proposal In my artifact analysis I would like to explore the history and evolution of the surfboard and the culture associated with the surfboard. In my paper I would discuss the changes of the physical surfboard over the years and how it has evolved from a leisure water board to a diverse and more extreme water sport tool. I will also discuss the culture associated with the surfboard. I will take examples of the people who started surfing, how they have changed and become their own unique group of people. Music and fashion will also be touched upon in my paper and how surf music and surf clothing has become its own particular genre and how it exploded in pop culture, when it was once thought to be odd or weird. Associations made with surfers will also be discussed such
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Unformatted text preview: as the idea that all surfers are drug addicts and alcoholics and will never go to school and truly amount to anything. I will also analyze how the surfboard can be use nowadays as pure decoration and aesthetic value in a house, instead of as a water toy. In other words it could be considered art. There are surf shops all around the world that put elaborate paintings and beautiful artwork on surfboards. I chose to the surfboard to analyze because I love the ocean and everything that has to do with the ocean. I myself am a surfer, but have never learned about the history or about the cultural significance of surfing and the surfboard. I believe that doing this research paper will make me more appreciative of the evolution of surfing and how surfing came to be as it is today....
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