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Nicole Cook Star Medzerian ENG 103H.022 26 November 2007 Genetic Engineering; is it beneficial? Since Mendel's experiments on heredity and the identification of the DNA as the genetic material, we started to know how and why we are like we are in addition to understanding , we started to understand more about how our bodies work. The DNA contains genes, passed on to us in roughly equal proportions from our parents. DNA operates that are like the instructions of a computer program running within us, inside our every cell. Genes encode proteins, which are the building blocks of our bodies. Differences in genes determine, for instance, eye color and susceptibility to certain diseases. To a large degree, we are what our genes genes have coded us to be. Recent research on genetic engineering has allowed scientists to change these genes, or add genes in the early stages of development. The original purpose for altering genes was to prevent disease and deformity. (This next sentence is opinion, not fact! I recommend stating that genetic altering has become controversial in some of the areas of gene altering and use altering human looks as an example) However, the main purpose has gone astray and has become a scenario in which parents want to genetically engineer their future children to how they want them to physically appear and not just changing their DNA so they are healthy. There have also been several recorded health risks with the process of gene altering. Genetic Engineering research and procedures are very effective for preventing fatal and permanent diseases or mutations, however, some genetic engineers have gone too far in allowing
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parents to genetically engineer their children’s physical traits. The possibilities of physical changes to humans are endless. Strength, speed, endurance and so on can be enhanced through a process called gene therapy. A fertilized embryo is taken from the mother and with a microscopic pipette they remove the gene that they want to replace and then replace it with the desired gene. Babies can be made taller, more beautiful (beautiful is subjective , I suggest you state that certain traits such as brown hair over blond or blue eyes over
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geneticengineeringresearch - Nicole Cook Star Medzerian ENG...

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