lecture14 - Media Politics PS 141B Week 8 Lecture 14...

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Media Politics PS 141B; Week 8, Lecture 14; November 21, 2007 1. History of American Media A. Four Eras 1) Partisan Press (1787-1832) a) Newspapers arm of political parties or party factions b) Newspapers promoted party’s positions and criticized opponents c) Not mass circulation newspapers 2) Commercial Media (1833-1899) a) Yellow Journalism 3) Objective Media (1900-1984) a) Professionalization of journalists b) APO argues the zenith of this era was Vietnam and Watergate c) Objective media as an effort to increase readership 4) New Media (1985+) a) Move away from objective journalism toward interpretive journalism b) Fragmentation of Media c) Media Conglomeration B. Fragmentation of the media 1) We now live in a world with almost unlimited media choices 2) This has been going on for awhile a) http://www.sscnet.ucla.edu/07F/polisci141b-1/newscirc.jpg 3) From broadcasting to narrowcasting to slivercasting a) Broadcasting: wide dissemination of content through audio or electronic media b) Narrowcasting: dissemination of content to a narrow audience c) Slivercasting: highly targeted content to a niche audience
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lecture14 - Media Politics PS 141B Week 8 Lecture 14...

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