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PS 141B; Week 4, Lecture 9 & 10; October 31, 2007 Lecture 9: Foreign Policy (continued) 1. American public as “Pretty Prudent.” A. Support for foreign policies depend on objectives 1) Restrain an aggressive actor 2) To impose internal political changes on ally or adversary 2. The CNN effect A. One definition: compelling television images cause U.S. policymakers to intervene in situations when an intervention might otherwise not be in the U.S. national interest. 1) Example: a) Kevin Carter's prize winning photograph (Sudan) b) Prohibited photograph (Dover Air Force base) Lecture 10: Political Socialization
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Agents of political socialization A. Childhood 1) Family a) American Flag b) Liberian Flag 2) Mechanisms a) Communication b) Rational Adaptation c) Genetics B. School 1) College a) UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) C. Adulthood 1) Marriage 2. Generations and Party ID 1) Generational Effects 2) Life-cycle Effects a) Example: Education 3) Interaction a) Republican Identifiers in the 2004 Election Graph 3. National Election Studies A. The ANES Guide to Public Opinion and Electoral Behavior 1) Religion of Respondent (1), 4 categories 1948-2004...
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