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Review Midterm Statistics 10 Midterm Examination Professor Esfandiari Winter 2005 This is a midterm exam that was given to the students in another quarter. I am letting you take it as a practice and this should help you become familiar with the kind of questions you should expect on the midterm. The number and nature of questions asked will be similar to this exam. You can have access to the book and lecture notes and a calculator. NO ACCESS TO CELL PHONES, HOMEWORK SOLUTIONS, AND ON-LINE QUIZZES. BRING YOUR ID TO THE EXAM. This is an open book and open note exam and you may use a calculator. You may NOT use copies of the on-line quizzes. There are 9 multiple-choice questions and three open- ended questions. In the case of multiple-choice questions, choose one answer only . In the case of open-ended questions be specific, write clearly, and do not repeat yourself. Last Name: ____________________ First Name: _______________________ Student ID: ____________________ Email: ________________________ Questions Possible points Actual points ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9 Multiple choice Q’s 36 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 10 4 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 11 7 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 12 8 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Total points 55 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1
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Percentage Question 1 (4 points): In a large mid-western university with 30 different departments, they are considering eliminating standardized test scores from their admission requirements. The university wants to find out whether the students agree with this plan. They decide to randomly select 100 students from each department and send them a survey, and follow up with a phone call if they do not return the survey within a week. What kind of sampling plan did they use? a) Simple random sampling b) Stratified random sampling c) Cluster sampling d) Multi-stage sampling Question 2 (4 points). In the following you are given the scatterplot of X vs. Y for 100 individuals. If you calculate the coefficient of correlation (r) for these data, what value do you expect? a)
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10_review_midterm_F_06 - 1 Review Midterm Statistics 10...

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