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practice final - 1 STATS 10.Quite possibly the greatest...

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STATS 10…Quite possibly the greatest course ever created… Fall 2006 Practice Final Adam’s Sections “Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater.” -Albert Einstein Question 1) Two students are hired by Murphy Hall to work on a project. Student A is supposed to choose a stratified random sample of students (stratification is done by gender and major) and ask them if they are for eliminating SAT scores from admission requirements to UCLA. Student B is supposed to administer a questionnaire to all freshmen that were admitted to UCLA in Fall 2004. The objective of this questionnaire is to find out what other schools they were admitted to and if UCLA was their first, second, or third choice. What is the best answer? a) Student A is conducting inferential statistics and student B is doing descriptive statistics. b) Student B is conducting inferential statistics and student A is doing descriptive statistics. c) We need the actual data (percentages, means, and standard deviations) to decide which student is doing inferential and which one is doing descriptive statistics. d) One needs the standard error of measurement to conduct inferential statistics and so neither students A nor student B is doing inferential statistics. Question2) A researcher has collected the following data on a random sample of 500 students: Ethnic background (Caucasian, African American, Latino, Others) Grade point average in college Gender SAT scores What would be the best way for examining the relationship between 1) gender and ethnic background, and 2) SAT and college GPA 1
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Question 3) A school district has five high schools. Suppose that 30% of the high school students who attend this district are involved in some kind of sport after school. 40% of those who are involved in some kind of sports after school are male, and 50% of those who are not involved in any kind of sport after school are female Suppose that you randomly select a student. Given that this student is male, what is the probability that he is involved in some kind of sport? a) 0.120 b) 0.470 c) 0.350 d) 0.255 Question 4) In a country 40% of the people believe that when working women become pregnant, they should stay home for one year to take care of their baby. A governor wonders whether the opinion of the people in her state is different from the overall population. She hires a polling agency to investigate this issue. In a random sample of 1200 individuals, 450 have the same opinion as the overall population. What is the P value? a) 0.0307 b) 0.0768 c) 0.0384 d) 0.0614 Question 5) 2 Answer: a. Compute the coefficient of correlation between gender and ethnic background and make a segmented bar chart of SAT and college GPA. b. Make a side-by-side barchart of gender and ethnic background and
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practice final - 1 STATS 10.Quite possibly the greatest...

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