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ACC201 Acc 201 Sample of Quiz 2 Form 1 ____________________ Name _______ Section DO NOT OPEN THIS BOOKLET UNTIL TOLD TO DO SO Instructions: 1. Complete the bubble sheet with your printed name, PID number, Section Number, and Form Number . Then bubble in this information too . Be careful to clearly and cleanly complete this information . 2. Choose the best answer for each question from the choices given and bubble in your answer to the corresponding question number. Be sure you bubble in the first 10 (1-10). Only answers filled in on the bubble sheet will be used for grading purposes. 3. The quiz contains ten multiple choice questions worth 4 points each, for a total of 40 points. It is your responsibility to make sure your exam booklet has all ten questions . 4. Turn in the bubble sheet and this exam booklet to YOUR SA and make sure they check your name off of their class list.
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SAMPLE QUIZ 2- Form 1 1. Perry Company reported the following data at year-end: Sales, $100,000; Beginning inventory, $8,000; Ending inventory, $6,000; Cost of goods sold, $60,000; and Gross margin, $40,000. What was the amount of merchandise purchases for the year? A) $58,000. B) $68,000. C) $46,000. D) $40,000. E) None of the above
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