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Question 1: Score 1/1 8. "Delta Q" problem with water. My cup holds about 300 ml of water, which I have heated to boiling, 212 degrees Fahrenheit. While I was working on your exam, it cooled to room temperature, about 72 degrees Fahrenheit. What was the change in heat energy? (in kilo joules) Your Answer: -200 Correct Answer: -200 Question 2: Score 0/1 The gravitational force between Planet Tuborg and Planet Cygnus (both of which are totally fictitious) is 2.42 x 10^16 N.; the mass of Tuborg is is 1.005 x 10^24 kg, and the distance between them is 7.406 x 10^8 m. Find the mass of the second planet. Your Answer: 7.65 x 10^16 Question 3: Score 1/1 I fired an arrow into the air. It fell to ground, I know not where. So I shot another arrow into the air in the same way, and watched where it went.When I found it, Lo, I also found my first arrow nearby.I was shooting with: Your Answer: Some precision, but no accuracy. Correct Answer: Some precision, but no accuracy. Question 4: Score 1/1 What speed is required to travel 120 miles in 240 minutes? Your Answer: 30 mph Correct Answer: 30 mph Question 5: Score 0/1 What is the rate of acceleration of a car doing "zero to 60" in 4.5 seconds? Your Answer: 19.6 m /sec^2 Question 6: Score 1/1 In the previous problem, how many grams of aluminum would be needed with an excess of silver nitrate to make 32.37 grams of silver, IF 100% yield could be obtained? Your Answer: 2.7 Correct Answer: 2.7 Question 7: Score 1/1
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9. "Delta Q" problem with some substance other than water. I found a piece of stuff on the lab bench and couldn't tell what it was. It weighed 10.0 grams, and since it had been left sitting on the hotplate, it was hot, actually 100.0 degrees Celsius. I put it into a beaker with 17.5 ml of water that was at 20.0 degrees Celsius, and waited until the temperature stabilized. The final temperature was 24.0 degrees Celsius. What was the material? Your Answer:
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physicsexam2 - Question 1 Score 1/1 8"Delta Q problem with...

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