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Felicia Jolly English 101 Section 063 Wicker December 5, 2005 Paper 4b Time Magazine Who Killed Kennedy? It has been one of the most controversial cases in modern American history. Different people have there own opinions on what happened that day. Almost everyone can still remember exactly where they were and what they where doing when they heard the news. The day was November 22, 1963, and the event was the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Much investigation has been put into trying to find the true answer behind what really happened that day in Dallas, but no one has been able to come up with an explanation that can not be opposed at points. John F Kennedy “Jack” Kennedy was the second oldest of nine children but also was a very sickly child. During his childhood, his mother, Rose, recorded that he had suffered from whooping cough, measles, chicken pox, and the fatal scarlet fever. Jack led a normal teenage life going through the boarding school, Choate, and graduating from Harvard University with his older brother, Joe, while the rest of the family moved to England for their father’s job of United States Ambassador. Both Kennedy boys joined the war efforts with Joe becoming a Navy flyer in Europe and Jack becoming a Lieutenant commander of a patrol torpedo boat in the South Pacific. Jack was the only one to make it home after an amazing rescue of his crew and he was awarded the Navy and Marine
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Jolly 2 Corps Medal for it. After this he began his political career as John F. Kennedy, serving in the House of Representatives and the US Senate before becoming the 35 th President in 1961. Kennedy was the youngest President and also the only Irish Catholic President the country had ever had before. His presidency was full of ups and downs but overall gave hope to the youth of America. During Kennedy’s presidency the White House was full of life and happiness. Jackie Kennedy helped to restore all of the rooms of the house so that they “truly reflected America’s history with a sense of beauty” (Weidman). The Kennedy’s two children, Caroline and John-John, also brought a youthful feel to the White House. They had a swimming pool, preschool, and even a tree house on their lawn. Even with such a happy home, President Kennedy dealt with many troubles at work. Some of the main problems were the Cold War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and racial discrimination. Kennedy also brought about many positive aspects and contributions to the world by founding the Peace Corps and approved more than twenty two billion dollars for “Project Apollo” (Weidman). November 22, 1963 On November 21, 1963, President and Mrs. Kennedy flew to Texas, along with Vice President and Mrs. Johnson, to give political speeches throughout the state. The president had chosen to visit Dallas for three main reasons: “to help raise more Democratic Party presidential campaign fund contributions in advance of the November 1964 presidential election; to begin his quest for re-election; and to mend political fences
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Paper 4 - Felicia Jolly English 101 Section 063 Wicker...

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