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Felicia Jolly Eng 101 063 Wicker August 22, 2005 1.1 TH Diagnostic Video games have been a point of disagreement over the past few years. Opinions of them range across the spectrum from people of all ages. One side of the argument is how video games are bad for people and causes them to become more distracted and violent. On the other side, people are saying that video games have no negative effects and may actually be good for you. This can be seen in the article “Your Brain on Video Games: Could They Actually Be Good For You? ” in Discover magazine and in “Breeding Evil ” and “Chasing the Dream ” in The Economist . In these articles one can see the pros to playing video games often. Many things were once believed to be “evil” and unhealthy for youth, such as rock and roll or novels. Some people believe that this is the phase that video games are in at the moment, and will soon become an accepted “medium.” Both articles argue many of the same points. They both believed that video games are no more harmful than music or movies that people listen to and watch everyday. They argue how video games may actually be better for people than music or movies. With music and movies, the difficulty of the content stays about the same throughout the entirety of the work. A movie does not start out at a G-rating and then gradually move up to a more difficult level after testing you to make sure that you are
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Video Games - Felicia Jolly Eng 101 063 Wicker 1.1 TH...

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