US Intervention in Latin America Week 2-3 Spanish American War

US Intervention in Latin America Week 2-3 Spanish American War

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How Cuban Independence led to the Spanish American War 1. Prospect of annexation o Popular in US and Cuba Cuban elites liked slavery, democracy, and markets US liked being an imperial power o Post 1865 - Cuban elites no longer found it attractive to be annexed 2. "10 Years War" o Rebels fought for independence and abolition o Western part of Cuba stayed loyal because they feared slave rebellions o Ends in a stalemate and no slave freedom, but it decimates eastern sugar planters (opportunity for US investment) o 1890's - 87% of exports from Cuba go to US - politically tied to Spain but economically tied to US o Exiled Cubans started to discuss Cuba Libre 3. Jose Marti o Revolutionary figure among Cubans o Pushed for the idea of free Cuba (no just politically, but a social revolution as well) o Marti felt that the liberation fight had to be short because US might take over
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Unformatted text preview: o 1895 new fight for liberation, but US gets involved before it can be finished American involvement 4. Yellow Journalism o Randolph Hearst and Pulitzer wrote sensational stories about atrocities of Spain o Converts liberation struggle into a moral issue 5. Jingoes o Pro war supporters o Teddy Roosevelt combined the Manifest Destiny with Social Darwinism - war shows superiority o To pacify anti imperialists (goo goos) Congress adds Teller Amendment that states there will be no interest to force US sovereignty or to annex Cuba 6. US impetus o Us had strategic and economic interests in Cuba so they send USS Maine, which blows up o Restrain is now replaced with a call for Spain's withdrawal 7. Effects o Spain gives up Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam o US pays 20 million for the Philippines...
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