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In this experiment, the experimenter was interested in the process of figure- ground segregation. More specifically this meant the process by which our visual system separated out objects or figures from their specific backgrounds, both convexity and small area were used as figure cues. The experiment was conducted to prove that if the context effects that the experimenters observed with convexity extend to small area, subjects should be more likely to see the narrow regions as figures in the displays where the wider regions were uniformly colored rather than heterogeneously colored, heterogeneously meaning that something (an object or system) consists of a diverse range of opposite items. Method Participants: The experiment was conducted with 30 participants. All of the participants used were current University of Arizona students. The subjects volunteered for specific experiment times of their own choosing on the Psychology experiment website. To participate a subject must have clear vision, or if vision was unclear, must wear their corrective lenses or glasses during the experiment. These were the only guidelines for participation in this experiment. Although there was no basis for selection based upon being right or left handed, the experimenter did ask what hand was our hand of primary use. Procedure:
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PsychTermPaper - In this experiment the experimenter was...

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