Polemic Analysis Final - Jamila Pierce English 102...

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Jamila Pierce English 102 Milson-Whyte 2/5/08 Polemic Analysis As I began my in-class polemic last week I felt completely stumped as to what angered me. What could be both acceptable subject matter, and something I possessed strong feelings about? It was at this point that I realized the beauty in a polemic, the rules are, there are no rules. The writer is given the creative freedom to write about whatever they want, regardless of stylistic, grammar, and structural rules. Taking this all into consideration I decided I wanted to write about something that directly affected not only myself, but also my peers. The challenge of choosing a major is a choice that all undergraduate students must make, and in doing so, the first step in deciding ones future. I felt very strongly about this because I had already felt some of the repercussions resulting from this decision. From a general standpoint, my purpose was to vent my many frustrations about the different stereotypes and social perceptions that accompany the different majors. I wanted to focus on dispelling the social stigma that certain majors carry. I did so, using myself, and experiences as an example. On a deeper level, I wanted to stress acceptance
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Polemic Analysis Final - Jamila Pierce English 102...

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