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costumes midterm study guide - Costume...

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Costume director (supervisor/shop manager) Draping team Draper (cutter): does nuts and bolts of costume and designer oks it First hand: asst. to draper; may act as a cutter; might supervise stitchers stitchers Crafts team Crafts head: Dyer/painter Milliner: hats Cobbler/bootmaker: makes shoes; makes sure shoes are in place Leather artisan: armor, wristbands, belts; familiar with armor from other ages and knows how to make it Wigmaker/stylist: styles hair and wigs Armorer Wardrobe: make sure things get cleaned; work with damages Wardrobe supervisor: in charge of assignment; choreographing quick changes Dressers: work with a specific actor “day crew”: comes in during the day to wash clothes 2 major types of costume shops: Resident: based at a regional theatre, company, university; produces costumes for specific company; if a designer is hired-they work with the crew of that company Independent/contract: produce specific costumes as requested by a producer
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costumes midterm study guide - Costume...

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