#1- Happy Endings - 8-21-07 Journal #1: Happy Endings...

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Unformatted text preview: 8-21-07 Journal #1: Happy Endings (33-35) Margaret Atwood starts off with a three line introduction. John and Mary meet. What happens next? If you want a happy ending, try A. (33) Section A definitely portrays a happy ending, in fact, it's a little too happy. Once John and Mary marry, they have no conflicts in their lives. Things run smoothly for them from the beginning all the way to the finish. Sections B and C display some conflict between two characters as well as between oneself. Because of these conflicts, the situations seem more realistic, but don't occur too often. Both sections have one character that struggle internally. A character falls in love with another person, but they don't return the love. The people who didn't fall in love either followed along for selfish pleasure or because they let their indecisiveness take control of their mind. Both resulted in sad endings where one character thought that the only solution to escape his or her problem was to kill themself as well as others around them. Section D and E are situations that are most realistic in everyday life. In D, the couples have no problems but have occasional difficulties that they work out. They also encounter a man vs. nature conflict when a tidal wave destroys their house. Some drown and some survive, but they move on with life just as we do now. In E, Fred dies due to heart difficulties. Death is a natural occurrence. Once again, we move on with life. I think that the message the author is trying to convey is to distinguish fiction from reality and to not let fantasies take control over you to the point of despair and death and she did this by writing life scenario stories which display these differences. ...
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#1- Happy Endings - 8-21-07 Journal #1: Happy Endings...

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