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Love in World Religions Notes

Love in World Religions Notes - Test#3(Final Wyclef If I...

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Test #3 (Final) Wyclef- “If I was President” Diana Eck on Religious Dialogue: A New Religious America - Professor at Harvard - Encountering God, a Spiritual Journey from Bozeman to Banaras - Expanding her horizons, study things that are different from what she’s used to. - She thinks there is a natural tendency to regard as inferior what is different and strange, what is Other. - India- thousands of Gods (Hinduism) - I’m ashamed to admit it, but as a Christian I used to think that Christians had a monopoly on love, goodness and wisdom. - In India, she encounters people of different religions who were examples of love and compassion, humility and kindness (none were Christians.) - She doesn’t abandon her Christian faith. She became a great Hindu scholar but she still remains a Christian, but her world view has been expanded Religious Dialogue: 1. Exclusivism : Fundamentalism, preservation of the past and fear of change. Anti-Modern (against all modern scientific achievements. Ex: Big Bang or Theories of Evolution.) They believe that they alone possess the sole and exclusive TRUTH. No one outside of their community can possess the truth. Related to ethnocentrism. 2. Inclusivism: One’s own religion possesses the FULLNESS of the truth, but others can possess partial truths (a step above exclusivism.) Ex: If you are a Catholic, you may still believe that others outside of Christianity can still make it to Heaven by their good lives and capacity to love; and that there is truth in other religions as well. 3. Pluralism : NO one religion possesses the complete and total truth. ALL religions have only partial and limited hints of the truth. Our knowledge of God is imperfect because we are finite human beings. Saved (movie) - She got pregnant in high school - Was in search of a new religion or God - Her friends try to save her soul by capturing her and performing an exorcism and she runs so they throw a Bible at her. They tell her that she is backsliding into the Hell. - She has trouble telling Dean, the father - She wants to hide it from him and do it on her own. Characteristics of Islam: Background: Islam = peace or submission
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Muslim : one who submits to God It is in the same family of religion as Judaism and Christianity. They worship the same God! 1. The prophet Muhammad: 570-632 From Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Orphaned at an early age. Goes to live with an uncle named Abu Talib. Holy and righteous person Prayer in a cave on Mt. Hira 610- the Angel Gabriel appears to him and commands him to RECITE! A reciter has special privileges to prophesize. He begins to recite the first words of the Quran (Koran) The Quran was revealed to Muhammad over the rest of his lifetime. The Quran is the literal WORD of God dictated by the Angel Gabriel to the prophet Muhammad. Muhammad believed that there was only ONE GOD, and this is key for religious revelation.
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Love in World Religions Notes - Test#3(Final Wyclef If I...

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