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9-19 trads - 9/19: The Great Awakening 1) Religious...

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9/19: The Great Awakening 1) Religious Revitalization “The wrath of God burns against {the unconverted}, their damnation does not slumber; the pit is prepared…the flames do now rage & glow…” from “sinner in the Hands of an Angry God. -Congregational minister Jonathan Edwards’ sermon, 1741. a) First Great Awakening, 1730s-1770s -Revitalization of religious piety -Surge of Protestant evangelicalism on both sides of the Atlantic. b) A Movement against Secularization -Goal: create a new Age of Faith to oppose the Age of Enlightenment -True religion meant relying on revelation rather than reason. -Elevated religious faith above the new scientific, rationalist attitudes. -Bypassed reason, “aimed directly at the hearts and consciences” of their listeners. -Leaders: itinerant (traveling) ministers fro many backgrounds -These new-style spiritual leaders included Presbyterians, Methodists, and Baptists. -People of all sects attended the sermons 2) Wide-Ranging Anti-Authoritarianism -Questioning of religious authority had ot only religious, but also social and political motivations and results. -Puritan ministers who supported established churches had for years been denouncing their parishioners’ sinfulness. -Feared a “declension”- or a decline in the purity of the church -Puritan New England experiencing growing pains around the turn of the century. -Fewer people had verified conversion experiences and gained full church membership-even children of community leaders. a) Arminianism, the Enlightenment, and Deism
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9-19 trads - 9/19: The Great Awakening 1) Religious...

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