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Cloud ComputingStandards Cloud Computing ITEC5272 Gebeyehu Belay (Dr. of Eng.) [email protected] BDU: Bahir Dar Institute of Technology: Computing Faculty
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Contents The Distributed Management Task Force Standards for Application Development » The Open Cloud Consortium » » » » Standards for Messaging Standards for Security BDU: Bahir Dar Institute of Technology: Computing Faculty 2
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Cloud Computing Standards A standard is characterized by certain traits, being managed by an international standards body or an industry consortium. A Standard is created jointly by a community of interested parties such as a group of cooperative researchers (called working group ) working on new research activities Standards make the World Wide Web go around, and by extension, they are important to cloud computing. Standards are what make it possible to connect to the cloud and what make it possible to develop and deliver applications on the cloud. Two important cloud-related working groups are Open Cloud Consortium ( OCC ) and Distributed Management Task Force ( DMTF ) BDU: Bahir Dar Institute of Technology: Computing Faculty 3
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Open Cloud Consortium (OCC) Open Cloud Consortium ( OCC ) is an organization comprised of several universities and interested companies that: supports the development of standards for cloud computing develops a framework for interoperability among various clouds supports the development of benchmarks for cloud computing performance (called Malstone ) is a strong proponent of open source software to be used for cloud computing. manages a testing platform and a test-bed for cloud computing called the Open Cloud Test-bed (to be used by vendors to test their applications). BDU: Bahir Dar Institute of Technology: Computing Faculty 4
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Open Cloud Consortium (OCC) OCC is organized into several working groups : Working Group on Standards and Interoperability for Clouds - focus on developing standards for interoperating clouds that provide on-demand computing capacity. Working Group on Wide Area Clouds - focus on developing and evaluating technology for wide area clouds Working Group on Information Sharing and Security - focus on standards and standards-based architectures for sharing information between clouds - also concerned with security architectures for clouds. Open Cloud Test-bed Working Group - Manage and operate the Open Cloud Test-bed BDU: Bahir Dar Institute of Technology: Computing Faculty 5
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